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Robert C. Crosby Apprenticeship of Texas in Insurance

We would like to give special thanks to Robert J. Rogers, CLU, ChFC with The National Alliance has worked as our liaison to assist in designing the initial components of the RAP. As one of our Foundational partners, National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research will provide the necessary expertise to customize the curriculum for the IIASA.   After 6 months of developing awareness, encouraging industry input, and strengthening industry partners, the Association is beginning to see the fruits of our collaborative efforts to establish a new Youth Apprenticeship Program. This partnership will lead to a quality apprenticeship program that will exceed the demands of our membership participation and fellow agents in San Antonio and the surrounding region.

The Education Committee (EC) has continued their efforts to obtain industry input thru surveys that are designed to collect information essential to the development of the program. For those who participated in the tradeshow, the members of the EC along with Alamo Colleges representatives provided information on the benefits to participating the Apprenticeship.

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The EC will continue to encourage survey responses through the end of May. For those who received a copy of the pink survey at the tradeshow,

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The EC will be reconvening May  5th to review the results of the survey’s collected at the tradeshow and those completed electronically. In addition, last month we announced we would be requesting  occupational data for entry level vacancies. This will provide a source of information for the next planning phase. We encourage any agents who have entry level vacancies, or anticipate any within the next year to email those job descriptions to our RAP Coordinator, Julie Miranda

In June, we invite you to come to our 1st Lunch and Learn where you can learn more and ask questions about the program.

Sandra Torres Richardson, the Account Executive, for the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Youth Apprenticeship Readiness Grant, will provide an update on the status of the program. We will announce the national credentials and discuss in more detail how you can sign up to sponsor our first round of participants in the IIASA Apprenticeship program. The Alamo Colleges Presentation will share how employers can engage to support youth ready to enter a career path in Insurance.

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